Adult Programs

"Everyone had a great time and folks are walking around with scarves and trying to juggle.  [The program] was well received and much appreciated!"  Sindi McGowan, Chair, General Education Division, West Central Technical College, Carrollton, Georgia."

Brian has crafted two special presentations for adults.  These popular programs will be a big hit with your group or organization!

Juggling Life:  Finding Balance When Everything Is Up In The Air!

This program provides a powerful combination of an experiential activity coupled with group-processing to provide participants with a meaningful experience.  During a 60-minute program, individuals will practice a juggling art form (ie. scarf juggling, balancing, plate-spinning etc.), and then process their experience using a juggling life lesson.  Some of these lessons include:

  • The value of making mistakes.
  • The importance of breaking problems down into steps.
  • The power of play.
  • The benefits of "living in the moment."

Planet Juggle

A program perfect for the elderly and geriatric care programs!  In this exciting show, witness incredible juggling routines and participate in various juggling activities with colorful scarves and peacock feathers.  Planet Juggle provides cognitive stimulation, range of motion activities, stress reduction, and allows for reminiscence discussion before/after the program.  Planet Juggle is a unique multi-sensory experience with bright colors, music, and motion!

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